Australian Firm, Sypaq Corvo Supplying 100 'Cardboard Drones' a Month to Ukraine

October 7, 2023 @ 07:54 AM

Australian firm Sypaq Corvo has been churning out 100 Precision Payload Delivery System (PPDS) drones monthly for Ukraine...

Ukraine Recycling Soviet-origin ATGMs

October 6, 2023 @ 11:24 AM

Specialists in Ukraine have acquired the expertise to prolong the operational lifespan of Soviet-made Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGMs). This...

U.S. Transfers to Ukraine 1.1 million 7.62mm Rounds Confiscated from Iranian Ship

October 5, 2023 @ 05:42 AM

The United States has sent over 1 million rounds of ammunition confiscated from Iran, originally intended for Yemen...

Germany's Federal Cartel Office Clears Rheinmetall-Ukrainian Defence Industry Joint Venture in Kyiv

September 29, 2023 @ 06:03 AM

Germanys Federal Cartel Office, Bundeskartellamt, cleared the way for establishing a joint venture between Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH and...


Russian Forces Use 'Volleyball Nets' to stop Ukrainian FPV Drones

September 26, 2023 @ 09:47 AM

Russian forces have deployed steel mesh resembling volleyball nets on roads around their positions in the occupied city...

Abrams Tanks Arrive in Ukraine; Ready to Fire Depleted Uranium Shells

September 26, 2023 @ 06:43 AM

Ukrainian President Zelensky announced on Monday that his army has received a delivery of U.S

Is Ukraine Self-sufficient in Drones?

September 22, 2023 @ 12:33 PM

Recent arms transfers to Kyiv from the U

Ukrainian Offensive Targets Crimean Airfield; Moscow Strikes Kyiv

September 21, 2023 @ 01:39 PM

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) initiated a massive offensive against Russia's Saki military airfield in Crimea, while...