France Conducts First Joint Firing of Naval Cruise Missiles from FREMM Frigate,...

April 19, 2024 @ 04:50 AM

French naval forces conducted the first-ever joint firing of Naval Cruise Missiles (MdCN) by the Aquitaine Multi-Mission Frigate (FREMM) and a Suffren-class nuclear attack submarine (SNA) off the coast of France. The training operation was supported by the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA), specifically its expert testing centers including DGA Missile...

DragonFire Laser System to Deploy on British Warships by 2027

April 12, 2024 @ 09:12 AM

The DragonFire laser system is scheduled to be installed on Royal Navy warships by 2027, five years earlier than originally planned. This accelerated timeline is attributed to recent reforms in defence procurement aimed at streamlining processes and prioritizing delivery of weaponry to frontline units

Philippines to Receive First Components of BrahMos Missile System by April-May

February 8, 2024 @ 12:58 PM

The Philippines is set to receive the initial components of the Indo-Russian BrahMos missile system within the next two months. This development comes as the Philippines stands as the first foreign nation to secure the supersonic ground-based BrahMos missiles, with delivery initially scheduled for the end of December 2023

Indonesia, Turkey to Jointly Develop Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles

February 7, 2024 @ 01:41 PM

The Chief of Naval Staff (KSAL) Admiral Muhammad Ali has announced a collaborative effort between Indonesia and Turkey to jointly develop domestic anti-ship cruise missiles. The initiative is a result of a technology transfer agreement tied to the purchase of 45 Atmaca missile units from the Turkish company Roketsan, as per

UK to Enhance Sea Viper Air Defence System in £405M Upgrade

January 22, 2024 @ 06:48 AM

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced an upgrade to the Sea Viper Air Defence system, a crucial component in safeguarding sailors, surface fleets, and air threats. Valued at £405 million, the upgrade includes new missiles equipped with advanced warheads and software updates, enhancing the system's capability to counter ballistic missile threats

MBDA's Sea Ceptor for Poland's Miecznik Frigates

January 13, 2024 @ 08:05 AM

Poland has awarded a contract to MBDA for the installation of the Sea Ceptor naval air defense system on the country's three new Miecznik-class frigates. The Sea Ceptor system is known for safeguarding naval vessels against contemporary air and surface threats, including supersonic anti-ship missiles and unmanned surface vessels

BAE Systems Secures Contract to Upgrade Australian Navy Frigates' Mk 45 Systems

January 9, 2024 @ 08:24 AM

BAE Systems has been granted a contract by the Commonwealth of Australia to undertake a critical upgrade of the Mk 45 Mod 2 naval gun systems installed on Anzac class frigates. The upgrade, involving the implementation of a Common Control System (CCS), aims to address obsolescence issues and extend the operational life of the existing gun systems

Turkish Navy Conducts First Live-fire Tests of AKYA Heavyweight Torpedo

December 28, 2023 @ 05:54 AM

The Turkish Navy conducted its first live firing test of the domestically manufactured AKYA heavyweight torpedo, equipped with a live warhead. The test took place in the East Mediterranean on December 27

Spanish Navy Orders Naval Strike Missiles worth €305M for F-110 Frigates

December 16, 2023 @ 08:09 AM

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) has been awarded a contract worth €305 million by the Spanish Navy for the supply of Naval Strike Missiles (NSM) for its F-110 fleet. The F-110 class frigate, currently under construction by Navantia, will be the first ship class to receive the NSM

First Combat Deployment of Aster 15 Missiles from French Frigate to Counter...

December 12, 2023 @ 11:25 AM

The French Navy's FREMM frigate Languedoc deployed the Aster 15 surface-to-air missiles in combat to shoot down hostile drones off Yemen, marking the first engagement of the missile system manufactured by MBDA. The event unfolded during a routine patrol mission in the Red Sea, where two drones suspected to have originated from Yemen targeted the multi-mission frigate