Avoiding Russia, Ukraine Flies Upgraded An-32 To India Via Europe

  • Bindiya Thomas
  • 02:41 PM, April 1, 2014
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Avoiding Russia, Ukraine Flies Upgraded An-32 To India Via Europe
Avoiding Russia, Ukraine Flies Upgraded An-32 To India Via Europe

Ukroboronprom, the Ukraine-based aviation company, has flown over European skies instead of Russia to deliver the seventh batch of upgraded An-32 transportation aircraft to India.

The aircraft upgraded in Kyiv in the framework of the contract concluded in 2009 were delivered on March 29, 2014, the company said.

“Taking into consideration the events in Crimea, the European partners, as an exceptional case, have opened the sky for the military transportation aircrafts, so that the vehicles will be able to arrive at destination place in time,” the company said in its press release.

Yuriy Tereshenko, Temporary Director General of Ukroboronprom, said, Ukrainian and Indian parties are satisfied with the progress of contract implementation and count on development of cooperation within the Program. 

“We are sure that our Indian partners are satisfied with a high quality of our works, conducted by Ukrainian enterprises. India was and remains to be a strategic Ukrainian partner in the area of military technical cooperation. We admit a mutual interest in further development of aviation program. We expect in the nearest future the bilateral cooperation will be continued by new contracts,” Yuriy Tereshenko stressed on. 

In accordance with the contract, that have become the largest in the history of Ukrainian Indian bilateral military technical cooperation, 40 aircrafts are to be modernized in Ukraine and the rest of the aircraft at the BRD-1 aviation plant of the Indian Air Force in Kanpur (North India). Ukraine’s Antonov Plant and Civil Aviation Plant 410 are executing the contract. 

As part of the deep upgrade, the Indian aircraft is to be fitted with modern equipment made in Ukraine and other countries. In particular, these are aircraft collision warning equipment, collision with ground early warning equipment, satellite navigation system, aircraft rangefinders, modernized height finders, new radar set with two multifunctional indicators, new oxygen equipment, and modernized crew seats. 

The upgraded An-32 will be able to land on an ICAO category II approach. Whereas, fuel consumption and the mass of the empty upgraded aircraft will be lower than for the basic model. 

In addition, in line with a three-year contract worth $110 million signed in December 2009 by Motor Sich OJSC (Zaporizhia) and the Indian Air Force, the AI-20 engines of the Indian An-32s are being upgraded. 

As of today, 35 aircrafts, out of those that are to be upgraded in Kyiv, have been already upgraded and transferred to the Costumer. 

The next 5 transportations were sent to India in August of the last year. The supply of the final batch of aircrafts, the modernization of which is carried out in Kyiv, is planned for the summer. 

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