KRET Unveils Multi-Channel Guidance System For Military Choppers

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  • 03:10 PM, June 30, 2015
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KRET has unveiled a new multi-channel laser guidance system that allows Ka-52, Mi-8MNP, and Mi-28N helicopters to use various types of missiles.

The laser guidance system is designed to control and guide missiles to a target through either automatic or manual honing, announced Rostec on June 26, 2015.

The new system uses a powerful CW solid-state laser with laser diodes. A compact, low-inertia, acousto-optic, x/y-coordinate deflector that operates without any mechanical components and is controlled by electrical signals powers the laser scanning.

The laser guidance system can be installed on helicopters as well as ground equipment, MANPADS, and drones, Rostec said.

On the other hand, an analog control field generated solely by mechanical means results in lower speed, reduced reliability, and increased size and weight.

"KRET has created highly intelligent and innovative systems and had started to produce them. They will be universal, meaning they can be installed on both old and new technology alike,” said Igor Nasenkov, First Deputy CEO of KRET.

KRET’s modern laser technology fully meets these requirements. "In particular, the laser guidance system can be installed on helicopters as well as ground equipment, MANPADS, and drones,” Igor said.

Tests have confirmed the high accuracy of the guided missiles and the overall reliability of the developed equipment. KRET enterprises will be producing the laser guidance system for commercial purchase.

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