MILGEM Corvette Project - Launching Ceremony of Prototype Ship (Heybeliada)

  • (Source: Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Ind
  • 12:00 AM, November 5, 2008
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In scope of the MILGEM Project that consists of the construction of 12 (4 optional) Patrol and Anti-Submarine Warfare Ships through local design, the first ship HEYBELADA will be launched on 27 September 2008 (470. Anniversary of Preveze Naval Battle Victory and Turkish Naval Forces Day) at stanbul Naval Shipyard and also the keel of the second ship BYKADA will be laid, on the same day.>> MILGEM Corvette will meet the reconnaissance, surveillance, target identification, early warning, defense of base and harbors, anti submarine warfare, surface to surface and surface to air warfare, amphibious operation and patrol requirements of Turkish Naval Forces Command.>> HEYBELADA the first locally- designed corvette has been designed and constructed by stanbul Naval Shipyard with the participation of local industry through the material, equipment and services supplied by Undersecretariat for Defence Industries.>> In this respect, the hull appendages and form optimization and model trials of the ship was performed by stanbul Technical University, the design documents has been examined by Turkish Lloyd according to the Rules of Naval Ships (2004) and the platform construction and outfitting equipment have been produced and integrated by the local sub-contractors.>> HEYBELADA, which will be commissioned on 2011, is a monohull type vessel designed to meet the speed, seakeeping and stability requirements of Turkish Naval Forces Command.>> With a dimension of 99.00 m x 14.40 m x 3.59 m and displacement of 2000 t., HEYBELADA will have an unlimited operation capability at sea state 5 and limited capability at sea state 6.