Russia Reveals Export Version of Su-57 Stealth Fighter jet, to Target Middle East

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  • 08:27 AM, March 28, 2019
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Russia Reveals Export Version of Su-57 Stealth Fighter jet, to Target Middle East
Export version of Russian Su-57 Revealed
Russia today revealed an export version of its Su-57 stealth fighter jet, potentially to be called the Su-57E and expects to find a market for it primarily in the Middle East.
The necessary documentation for export sanction has been submitted to the Russsian government by plane manufacturer United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and its holding company Rostec.
Viktor Kladov, Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy of Rostec said during the course of a media briefing at the Langkawi International Maritime and Air (LIMA) in Malaysia today.
The final approval for export was awaited from the Russian President. It is expected in a matter of weeks, he said.
The aircraft could be presented for the first time abroad during the Dubai Air Show in November, he said adding that a final decision remained to made on bringing the aircraft to the Dubai show. Other potential markets were Malaysia and India, he said.
Russia expects to fill a demand in stealth fighter jets which is currently dominated by the United States and which does not allow its export to countries which are not its closest allies.
In the Middle East, it does not provide cutting-edge weaponry to Arab countries given its policy of maintaining Israel's technological superiority in military equipment. By targeting the cash-rich gulf nations first, Russia is hoping to grab the market for stealth jets which is expected to the future of military aviation.
The Su-57 had been deployed for a short period in 2018 in the Russian air base in Syria for the purpose of testing its electronic systems, Russian Ministry of Defence (MOD) had revealed earlier.
The Su-57 is Russia's answer to the US F-35 and the F-22. It comes with weapons located inside its bay rather than mounted outside to reduce its radar signature.
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