Russian Navy to Receive 4 Nuclear Powered, 2 Conventional Submarines in 2020

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  • 11:59 AM, August 23, 2019
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Russian Navy to Receive 4 Nuclear Powered, 2 Conventional Submarines in 2020

The Russian naval forces are set to receive as many as six submarines in 2020, of which four are nuclear-powered while the rest two are diesel-electric boats.

"Sevmash Shipyard will deliver four nuclear powered submarines- first Project 955A serial-produced ‘Knyaz Oleg,’ first Project 885M serial-produced ‘Novosibirsk,’ Project 885M lead submarine ‘Kazan’ and Project 09852 ‘Belgorod’ to the Navy in 2020," a source in the defence industry was quoted as saying by TASS.

The two conventional boats are built by Admiralty Shipyard in St. Petersberg. “The navy will also get Project 636.3 submarine ‘Volkhov’ and the first Project 677 serial-produced sub ‘Kronshtadt.’ The two vessels have a standard propulsion power plant than air-independent one,” the source said.

The navy last received these many submarines 28 years ago, in 1992.

Project 09852 submersible ‘Belgorod’ will enter service with the Defense Ministry’s Deep-Water Research Department. “The boat will not be equipped with Poseidon underwater drones since trials are still underway,” the source added. It can reportedly carry six nuclear warheads.

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