MD Helicopters with Elbit Systems To Equip Scout Gunships With Integrated Weapons System

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  • 02:28 PM, December 6, 2019
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MD Helicopters with Elbit Systems To Equip Scout Gunships With Integrated Weapons System
MD 530G Helicopter

Israel's Elbit Systems and MD Helicopters have signed a teaming  contract to equip MD 530G Block II (BII) Scout Attack Helicopter with Integrated Weapons System (IWS).


The pilot-centric Integrated Weapons System (IWS) is comprised of a Helmet Display and Tracking System (HDTS), Weapons Management System (WMS) and Mission Management System (MMS), MD Helicopters said in a statement Friday.


The integrated, advanced avionics suite utilizes an intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI), multi-functional smart displays and next-generation applications to deliver a fully compatible multi-mission cockpit that reduces pilot workload, increases efficiency of crew operations, and delivers increased lethality for a range of operational parameters.


 Helmet Display & Tracking System (HDTS)


The HDTS configuration supports both daytime and nighttime operation, allowing the pilot to intuitively maneuver the aircraft into attack positions and engage targets heads-up and eyes out.


Weapons Management System (WMS)


The advanced digital WMS will allow the MD 530G BII Scout Attack Helicopter to support a comprehensive array of suppressive firepower options as well as unguided and guided munitions, including Hellfire Missile and, with authorized customer demand, APKWS. Standard configuration includes support for M260 Rocket Pods, HMP 400 Digital Gun Pods, RMP Digital Gun/Rocket Pods, and the M134D-H Mini-Guns. Critical weapons management functions, such as weapon activation and HDTS operation, will be integrated into the cyclic grip and collective for both pilots.


 Mission Management System (MMS)


The main component in the MD 530G BII Scout Attack Helicopter MMS is the Digital Mapping application (DMAP) managed by a touch screen graphical user interface (GUI). This moving map display will give pilots greater situational awareness with aircraft positions, known threats, and friendly locations plotted. The aircraft’s EO/IR solution will integrate directly with the new MMS to enable detect and store intelligence. Detect and store intelligence ensures that once a target has been acquired, the crew can choose to attack with guided weapons from a distance, or unguided munitions using the ballistics Continuously Calculated Impact Point (CCIP) displayed over the HDTS.

The enhanced Integrated Weapons System, certified and in use on fixed and rotary wing medium and heavy attack platforms already in service with U.S. and Allied forces around the world, will deliver greater mission flexibility and improved operational performance, making the already multi-mission-capable MD 530G perfectly suited for Close Support operations including attack, forward air control, armed reconnaissance, counter-insurgency, and observation. 


MD Helicopters anticipates live fire events with a production-quality test asset in 2020.

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