Russia Delivers Tanks, Armored Vehicles to Syrian Military

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  • 07:11 AM, February 10, 2020
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Russia Delivers Tanks, Armored Vehicles to Syrian Military
T-62 main battle tank (image via Russian state media)

Russia has delivered an unspecified number of T-62M main battle tanks and BRM-1K combat reconnaissance armored vehicles to the Syrian Arab Army.

The newly delivered batch of T-62s are less advanced than modern T-72 tanks employed by the Syrian military, Orynx Blog reported, citing Russia’s “Syria Express.” The tanks lack Shtora active protection systems in T-90 tanks, and are more advanced than earlier T-55 and T-62 variants. The 115mm gun’s Volna fire control system module has a KTD laser rangefinder (LRF). The tank has a new sighting system, BDD appliqué armour and Kontakt-1 explosive reactive armour (ERA). It is powered by a new 620hp V-55U diesel engine.

The BRM-1K has been armed with the same 73mm 2A28 cannon of the BMP-1. The BMP-1's autoloader and ATGM launcher were foregone and the ammunition loadout were reduced from 40 to 20 rounds for its 73mm cannon. In their place, a laser rangefinder, a range of navigation and detection devices, a mine detector, and additional radios and day/night observation devices were fitted.

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