Crash-resistant Fuel System Developed for Russian Ka-226T Helicopter

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  • 09:32 AM, March 23, 2020
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Crash-resistant Fuel System Developed for  Russian Ka-226T Helicopter

A crash-resistant fuel system to prevent fuel spill and detonation during hard landing has been developed  for the Russian KA-226T helicopter.

The KA-226T chopper is the first Russian helicopter  to be fitted with a crash-resistant fuel system, itsmanufacturer Technodinamika Holding said in comments reported today by, the Russian MoD’s official  TV Channel.

The design work on the crash-resistant fuel tank was completed in 2017. Tests included the dumping of fuel tank mock-ups from a height of more than 15 meters, which showed that they also remained airtight when impacted and punctured, the report said.

It was not mentioned if the helicopter has passed certification tests with the new crash-resistant system. Certification in both Russia and India would be mandatory if the helicopter were to be sold in India.

The KA-226T has been selected to be  manufactured  in India in a joint venture between Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and Russian Helicopters. The KA-226T is a light helicopter built on a modular platform which can be changed as per user-requirement.

Last month, during DefExpo 2020, Russian Helicopters signed a roadmap with Indo-Russian Helicopters Limited (IRHL) for the production of Ka-226Ts in India. The document defines the main stages and terms for organizing production of the helicopter and its units in India with respect to the date when the corresponding contract will be signed. In particular, the roadmap reflects timelines for setting up production in India, contracting with suppliers, transferring design documentation, supplying technological equipment and machine kits, training Indian personnel and other key stages of the project.

The light utility helicopter Ka-226T has a coaxial twin-rotor system, its maximum takeoff weight is 3.6 t, and it is able to transport up to 1 t of payload. A transport cabin is installed on the helicopter, designed to transport up to 6 people or modules with special equipment. Improved performance characteristics of the Ka-226T, its eco-friendly features, cost effectiveness, advanced avionics and additional flight safety solutions make this helicopter one of the best models in its class.

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