Japan to Develop AI-based System to Counter Cyber Attacks

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  • 10:59 AM, March 30, 2020
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Japan to Develop AI-based System to Counter Cyber Attacks

Japan’s Ministry of Defense plans to invest ¥25.6 billion ($237.12 million) in the cyber domain this year, which includes developing an Artificial Intelligence-based system to counter cyber attacks.

The system will autonomously detect malicious e-mails, judge the level of threat using AI and respond against cyber attack, the ministry said. Tokyo has dedicated ¥30 million ($277,711) for the project.

Japan to Develop AI-based System to Counter Cyber Attacks

The ministry also wants to procure Cyber Information Gathering System for ¥3.4 billion ($31.5 million) in order to gather information on the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of cyber attacks against the MoD or Self-Defense Forces (SDF); expand Cyber Defense Group from 220 personnel to 290 personnel; and conduct a research on cybersecurity measures for network devices used by the Japanese military.

In January 2020, a massive cyber attack was launched against Mitsubishi Electric, allegedly by a Chinese cybercrime group. The discovery came to light after the company spotted irregular activity on devices located in Japan. Mitsubishi found unauthorized access to the management section at its head office and elsewhere.

The attack is said to have compromised e-mail exchanges between the Japanese MoD, the Nuclear Regulation Authority as well as documents related to projects with private firms, railway operators, communications and car manufacturers.

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