Russian Pantsir Air Defence System Gets Artificial Intelligence Upgrade

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  • 05:41 AM, July 28, 2020
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Russian Pantsir Air Defence System Gets Artificial Intelligence Upgrade
Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft system

Russian Pantsir-S air defense system has received an automated control system capable of firing at airborne targets including loitering munitions, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles without any human intervention.

The algorithms will aid the Pantsir in first detecting and classifying targets as per the level of threat they pose. The upgrade will give the anti-aircraft system the ability to strike multiple targets coming from different directions quickly. “The new upgrades will not only significantly increase the efficiency of the system, but also save expensive missiles,” experts were quoted as saying by Izvestia newspaper on Tuesday.

“Documents hint at automated control system being Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled. Software takes into account the tactical situation, location of targets, degree of their danger and other parameters. Based on this, it selects the best tactic to repel the attack,” sources within Russian defense ministry and military industry said.

Earlier, chief designer of the Pantsirey Valery Slugin announced plans to increase he firepower of the complex. “You can install simplified controls and turn them into combat vehicles. Such an auxiliary launcher will receive target designation from the command post of a battery, a battalion or another full-fledged air defense missile system. In this way, the unit will be able to double the ammunition load of missiles that are constantly ready for launch, which will be useful when repelling powerful attacks,” he said.

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