All new Russian Turboprop Engine Cleared for Flight Tests aboard Il-114 Airliner

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  • 08:55 AM, August 9, 2020
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All new Russian Turboprop Engine Cleared for Flight Tests aboard Il-114 Airliner
TV7-117ST-01 engine mounted on Flying Laboratory

The first all-new Russian turboprop aircraft engine in decades, the TV7-117ST-01 power plant for the upcoming Il-114-300 passenger aircraft has successfully completed its test cycle mounted on the Il-76LL flying laboratory.

The power plant is ready for testing on board the Il-114-300 airliner. The engines were developed by the United Engine Corporation (UEC) Klimov of the State Corporation Rostec.

In the ‘flying laboratory,’ the engine is mounted as one of the engines in an already proven aircraft and tested for its performance characteristics. The testing of the TV7-117ST-01 was conducted in four stages, Rostec announced Friday.

Following the results of four stages of testing, the Gromova Flight Research Institute is ready to issue a positive conclusion for the start of flight tests aboard the Il-114-300 aircraft. Earlier, the TV7-117ST-01 engine successfully passed ground tests on the Il-114-300.

With the completion of the testing program at the flying laboratory, we are ready to move on to a new stage of testing – flying tests with the airliner. Three power plants have already been delivered to Il PJSC (illushin), and five more engines will be supplied to the enterprise for subsequent flight tests,” said Yury Shmotin, Deputy General Director - General Designer of UEC.

All new Russian Turboprop Engine Cleared for Flight Tests aboard Il-114 Airliner
IL-114 airliner during ground test of TV7-117ST engines

The new Il-114-300 is capable of carrying up to 68 passengers at a distance of up to 1,500 km. It is intended for regional flights. The aircraft can also be used to ensure mass aviation mobility in far-flung areas such as North, the Far East and Siberian regions of Russia.

Said Ilyushin general director Yury Grudinin, “One can call it an off-road aircraft since it can be used even from the rough terrain. At the same time, TV7-11CT engine is one of the most energy efficient of its type (in the world), which of course increases its commercial appeal.”

According to engine manufacturer, UEC Klimov, the most recent version of the engine (TV7-117C) features an enclosed centrifugal wheel that increases its power by 10% while maintaining all the other performance parameters. UEC Klimov holds a patent for the design and manufacturing of such wheels.

The TV-7-117 is the most cost-effective engine in its class, said a UEC  Klimov  PR statement. An Il-114 airliner equipped with TV7-117 engines can stay airborne for up to 9 hours. Its Power output is 2500-3000 HP while cruising power is 2000 HP.

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