Russian firm Designs Software to Control Combat Robots

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  • 04:46 PM, August 26, 2020
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Russian firm Designs Software to Control Combat Robots

Ruselectronics Holding, a subsidiary of state-owned Rostec, has developed a software for automated weapon control.

During the ongoing Army-2020, the company demonstrated automated intelligent control system for robotic formations based on neural networks. “The intelligent system is a software for automated weapon control. The use of the new solution will increase the efficiency of combat systems by more than 3 times by minimizing human participation in the control process,” Rostec said in a statement Monday.

When a target is detected by reconnaissance means - by satellite, drone or radar station - data about the object are sent to the mobile control center. The system processes the information received, generates and transmits a command to the means of destruction - promising robotic systems: missile, rocket or artillery.

The use of an automated system reduces the decision-making time during the control of robotic complexes from the moment of target detection to fire destruction. The reliability and stability of the system is ensured by the use of mathematical models with elements of artificial intelligence.

“The new automated control system for robots can be used to equip the RF Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies within the framework of creating a single information space. The development can be used in the interests of the Ministry of Emergencies to control robotic fire extinguishing systems. Also, the algorithms underlying the system will in the long run allow you to control unmanned vehicles and robotic agricultural equipment,” said Sergei Sakhnenko, industrial director of the radio-electronic complex of Rostec State Corporation.

As part of the State Corporation Rostec, the system is being developed by the structure of Ruselectronics - JSC Radiozavod.

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