Pakistan Inducts Chinese-made VT-4 Main Battle Tank

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  • 06:55 PM, September 22, 2020
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Pakistan Inducts Chinese-made VT-4 Main Battle Tank
VT-4 Tank firing a round during induction in Pakistan @ISPR

Pakistan Army has inducted Chinese made VT-4 Main Battle Tank considered one of the latest tanks in the world.

According to Pakistani military’s Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR), Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited Field Firing Ranges near Jhelum today and witnessed a demonstration of the new tank.

“This potent war fighting machine will be employed in offensive role by strike formations after induction,” read an ISPR statement.

VT-4 is compatible with any modern tank in the world integrating advanced armour protection, manoeuvrability, fire power capabilities and state of the art technology.

Interacting with the officers and men, COAS expressed satisfaction over demonstrated performance of Tank VT-4, another addition to inventory of Armoured Corps.

This is the second induction of a new tank in the Pakistani army this year after that of the indigenously produced Al-Khalid-1 Tank.

The VT-4 tanks for Pakistan are said to be upgraded with reactive armor and an improved turret. The tank is manufactured by China's NORINCO.

The VT4 is equipped with a 125-millimeter smoothbore gun, can fire armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding-sabot (APFSDS), high explosive anti-tank cartridges, and missiles with a 5-kilometer range.

Equipped with a China-made 1,200-horsepower diesel-fueled engine and a hydromechanical drive system, the VT4 can travel at a maximum speed of 70 kph and a maximum cross-country speed of 50 kph.

Pakistan is said to have placed an order for 240 VT-4 tanks from NORINCO the value of which has not been disclosed. The first 4 of these tanks were delivered in April this year. 

Pakistan Inducts Chinese-made VT-4 Main Battle Tank
VT-4 tank of Chinese PLA in Tibet @PLA photo
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