Russia develops "unified" Engine for Mi-38 helicopter, IL-112, IL-114 Aircraft

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  • 10:59 AM, October 19, 2020
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Russia develops

Russia's United Engine Corporation (UEC) has announced the development of a new engine- a single power plant that will power the MI-38 medium heavy lift helicopter besides the IL-112 and the IL-114 cargo and passenger aircraft is currently under development.

According to the chief designer of UEC-Klimov JSC Vsevolod Eliseev, the engine is used on the Mi-38 helicopter and its modifications, as well as on the Il-112 and Il-114 aircraft.

"The degree of unification of the engine is about 70%," he was quoted as saying by the Russian MOD's TV channel.

The Mi-38 will occupy the niche between the Mi-8 and Mi-26 helicopters - the niche of a medium multi-purpose helicopter.

Mi-38 is a transport helicopter designed by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant and being developed by Kazan Helicopters in 2003. It can carry internal payload of 5000kg or external payload of 6000kg.

The Ilyushin Il-112 is a high-wing light military transport aircraft being developed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex (JSC IL) for air landing and airdrop of military air cargoes, equipment and personnel. The maximum takeoff weight of this aircraft is 21,000kg

In another development, the design bureau is working on the development of the next generation engine. It is designed to revolutionize its design with a partial lack of lubricating oil.

“It uses technology like dry engine - oil-free engine mounts. This is a kind of revolutionary step in the future of aircraft and engine building, “explained Eliseev.

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