VK-2500P Engine for Russia’s Mi-28NM Helicopter Passes State Trials

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  • 07:11 AM, October 23, 2020
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VK-2500P Engine for Russia’s Mi-28NM Helicopter Passes State Trials

The advanced VK-2500P engine developed for Russia’s latest Mil Mi-28NM combat helicopters successfully passed the tests. The certificate was delivered by representatives of Russia’s Defense Ministry.

"The use of this engine on most Mil and Kamov helicopters will give them completely different qualities than those they have today, the engine employs the most advanced FADEC system (full authority digital engine control system)" UEC-Klimov Executive Director Alexander Vatagin said at the ceremony.

"The trials took twelve months. We expect the engine to find its application not only on Mi-28NM helicopters but also on other rotorcraft," he told reporters.

The engine has successfully passed a series of trials to comply with the technical requirements specified by Russia’s Defense Ministry and can be used as a powerplant for the latest Russian helicopters, the company’s press office specified.

VK-2500 engines are mounted on Mi-8/17, Mi-24/35 and Ka-50/52 helicopters and also on civil Ka-32 rotorcraft. The VK-2500P modification has been developed for the Mi-28NM, the upgraded version of the Mi-28N ‘Night Hunter’ gunship.

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