Turkey Delivers Torpedo Countermeasures for Indonesian Submarines

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  • 06:22 AM, October 24, 2020
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Turkey Delivers Torpedo Countermeasures for Indonesian Submarines
ZOKA Acoustic Torpedo Countermeasure Jammers and Decoys

Turkey’s Aselsan has delivered the first batch of acoustic torpedo countermeasures jammers and decoys for the Indonesian Navy’s Nagapasa (Type 209/1400)-class diesel-electric submarines.

The ZOKA acoustic decoys and jammers arrived in Indonesia on October 22. The South Asian country became the first export customer of the Aselsan product when it signed the agreement in 2019, U.K.-based Janes reported Friday.

Indonesia signed for three Type 209/1400 boats with South Korean company Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) in 2011. The TNI-AL has inducted two boats in the class, Nagapasa (403) and Ardadedali (404), and is awaiting the commissioning of the final boat, Alugoro (405).

The jammers work by emitting noises that saturate the acoustic operating frequencies of torpedoes, while the decoys can be programmed to simulate the acoustic and hydrographic characteristics of its host submarine.

These effectors are launched from Aselsan’s Zargana dispenser system, which can deploy up to 24 decoys or jammers in single-shot or salvo modes, without generating any air bubbles that may compromise the host submarine’s position.

This dispenser system is platform- and system-agnostic, and can be integrated into the host vessel’s existing combat management systems without the need for dedicated consoles.

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