South Korean Air Force to Buy Cargo Planes, PAC-3 Missile Interceptors

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  • 01:06 PM, April 26, 2021
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South Korean Air Force to Buy Cargo Planes, PAC-3 Missile Interceptors
C-130J Hercules transport aircraft

South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration will set aside approximately $1.125 billion for the procurement of four cargo planes and PAC-3 missile interceptors.

The exact type of aircraft to be purchased for $432 million (480 billion won) has yet to be decided, with the C-130J Hercules or A400M Atlas airlifter being on its list, South Korean media reported citing DAPA. The Air Force wants to sign a contract by 2026.

"Though we are to buy the aircraft from abroad, we require a foreign seller to establish a consortium with local firms so as to promote local defense industries and to create jobs,” the state arms procurement agency said.

Additionally, the military wants to acquire Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC)-3 missile interceptors from the U.S. through a government-to-government foreign military sale (FMS) program. This contract valued $693 million (770 billion won) also calls for the improvement of some of the Air Force's PAC-2 missile launchers to fit the PAC-3 interceptors. It will be pushed between 2022-2027.

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