Hanwa Defense Unveils Korean Vertical Launch System for Naval Missiles at MADEX show

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  • 04:17 AM, June 9, 2021
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Hanwa Defense Unveils Korean Vertical Launch System for Naval Missiles at MADEX show
Korean Vertical Launch System (KVLS) at MADEX 2021

Hanwha Defense today unveiled its Korean Vertical Launch System (KVLS) designed for warships at the 2021 International Maritime Defense Industry Exhibition (MADEX), June 9-12 which began at port city of Busan.

Jointly developed by the state-funded Agency for Defense Development and Hanwha Defense, the KVLS is South Korean Navy’s standard vertical launch system for holding and firing different types of guided weapons, including anti-submarine, anti-air, and anti-surface missiles.

Operational with the Navy’s guided missile KDX destroyers, including the Sejong-the Great-class known as KDX-III and newer Daegu-class frigates, the KVLS features a lower radar cross-section as it is installed under the deck, compared to older launching systems fed from behind by a magazine below the main deck.

An upgraded variant of the KVLS, the KVLS-II is under development by Hanwha Defense. The new system is to grow in size and capable of launching newly- developed guided missiles. In particular, the KVLS-II is to be fitted with much more improved payload capacity and heat-resistant capability to help naval platforms conduct precision strikes from longer distances.

Hanwa Defense Unveils Korean Vertical Launch System for Naval Missiles at MADEX show
Lithium-ion battery pack for submarines

New Lithium Ion battery

During the naval defense show, Hanwha Defense is also displaying its lithium- ion battery to be used on the new 3,000-ton class attack submarine codenamed KSS-III Batch-2 to enter service by 2026.

Hanwha Defense is responsible for integrating the battery modules and other parts on the next-generation 3,000-ton submarine, as the lithium-ion battery is expected to help increase the underwater operational hours of the submarine twice as much as those with lead-acid batteries.

Notably, the Hanwha-built lithium-ion battery power stacks have undergone operational demonstrations for the first time in the world, even in various extreme conditions.

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