Rostec Establishes First Yak-130 Engine Service Center

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  • 06:46 AM, September 17, 2021
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Rostec Establishes First Yak-130 Engine Service Center
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Russia’s United Engine Corporation (UEC), a company owned by Rostec, said it opened a new facility to service Al-222-25 engines that power Yak-130 trainer aircraft.

“Maintenance of the engine in the place of its operation became possible thanks to the development of the technology of modular replacement of units. This approach allows for maintenance without transportation to the manufacturer and for replacing units or modules with new or repaired ones. The service center speeds up the recovery of the AI-222-25 engines two to three times. This increases the efficiency of training pilots of the Aerospace Forces of Russia and, ultimately, the defense capability of our country,” said Alexei Gromov, head of UEC-owned Salyut production complex.

The work of the center will reduce the time spent on maintaining the airworthiness of aircraft.

Novice pilots, who are required to fly a certain number of hours within the framework of the training program, practice their piloting skills on Yak-130 aircraft with AI-222-25 engines. Intensive operation of aircraft leads to the fact that the systems of the power plant develop the specified resource several times faster than under normal conditions, so the AI-222-25 engine needs repair more often than others. For greater economy and efficiency, some maintenance is best done on site.

To solve this problem, the UEC and the Russian Ministry of Defense organized a service center equipped with the necessary modern equipment and special technologies. Its tasks include the assessment of the technical condition and maintenance of the AI-222-25 engines.

The work in the service center is carried out by the employees of UEC’s Salyut complex, which is the manufacturer of the aircraft engine. But once training of personnel at the center is complete, all operations will be carried out by the specialists of the operating organization directly on the spot.

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