Bell-CAE USA Team to Train U.S. Army Personnel to Fly FLRAA and FARA Aircraft

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  • 04:45 AM, October 7, 2021
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Bell-CAE USA Team to Train U.S. Army Personnel to Fly FLRAA and FARA Aircraft
Bell signs agreement With CAE USA for U.S. Army FLRAA and FARA training

Bell Textron has partnered with CAE USA to provide training services to U.S. Army personnel on flying Bell’s Future Vertical Lift family of systems.

Under the contract, CAE USA will provide Maintenance Training Devices, assist in the development of Flight Training Devices, and deliver other training products including courseware, Interactive Multimedia Instruction, and procedural training solutions for Bell aircraft.

As a member of Team Valor and Team Invictus, CAE will host early V-280 Valor training at their Dothan, Alabama Training Facility. At this CAE facility, Army Aviators will have access to next-generation training capabilities.

“Future Vertical Lift is ushering in next-generation capabilities to the U.S. Army. CAE will provide soldiers the operability and maintainability knowledge base needed to successfully operate the V-280 Valor and 360 Invictus in contested environments,” said Keith Flail, Executive Vice President, Advanced Vertical Lift Systems. “The addition of CAE to Team Valor and Team Invictus demonstrates not only Bell’s commitment to providing the Army the highest performance and flight-proven option to move FLRAA and FARA to programs of record, but also to provide the best training solution possible to the Warfighters.”

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