Upgraded T-72B3M Tanks, Sniper Rifles to Arrive in Russian Base in Tajikistan Bordering Afghanistan

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  • 04:39 PM, November 8, 2021
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Upgraded T-72B3M Tanks, Sniper Rifles to Arrive in Russian Base in Tajikistan Bordering Afghanistan

Upgraded T-72B3M, ASVK-M Kord sniper rifles, Verba MANPADS are among new military equipment to arrive this month in Russia's military base in Tajikistan in view of the instability in neighbouring Afghanistan.

"We continue to build up the combat potential of the formation. By the end of this year, the 201st military base will update its fleet of combat vehicles, having received 30 improved T-72B3M tanks. The first echelons with equipment are expected in November," Alexander Lapin, commander of the Central Military District (TSVO), told reporters.

He added that the 201st military base will receive more than 60 units of modern weapons.

The base's motorized rifle battalions were re-equipped with BTR-82A and modernized BMP-2M, and the anti-aircraft units of the base switched from portable Igla anti-aircraft missile systems to more modern and all-weather Verba complexes. In addition, the 201st military base received Kornet anti-tank guided missile systems, ASVK-M Kord sniper rifles, AK-12 assault rifles, infantry jet flamethrowers of increased range and power, as well as equipment for logistics and technical support services.

"The complex of measures taken has made it possible to significantly increase the combat power of the formation. The personnel maintain a high level of combat readiness and are ready to respond to any threats in the Central Asian region," Lapin emphasized.

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