Ukraine’s Largest Warship Scuttled in Mykolaiv City

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  • 06:30 AM, March 4, 2022
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Ukraine’s Largest Warship Scuttled in Mykolaiv City
Krivak III class Frigate 'Hetman Sagaidachny' at Mykolaiv city. @social media

After Ukraine lost the world’s largest aircraft AN-225 Mriya in the ongoing war with Russia, its Navy’s largest warship has met with the same fate.

An image being shared widely on Twitter on March 3 shows the 30-year-old Krivak III/ Menzhinskiy-class frigate Hetman Sagaidachny (U130) sitting half-submerged on its side at the port city of Mykolaiv.

The seizure of the 3,100 ton- displacement frigate may not have been a major combat milestone, but would’ve been a significant morale boost for the Russian forces. The ship comes equipped with a 100mm deck gun, smaller guns, anti-submarine grenade launchers, torpedo tubes and a helicopter.

Europe’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant on Fire After Russian Shelling

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine was on fire early on Friday after an attack by Russian troops.

“Russian army is firing from all sides upon Zaporizhzhia NPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. Fire has already broken out. If it blows up, it will be 10 times larger than Chernobyl! Russians must IMMEDIATELY cease the fire, allow firefighters, establish a security zone!” Ukraine minister Dmytro Kuleba posted on his official Twitter account.

The station at Zaporizhzhia, an industrial city in southeastern Ukraine provides about 25% of the country’s power generation and supplies an estimated 40% of its nuclear power.

The attack on the plant raised concerns that radiation could leak from the damaged power station. A government official was quoted as saying by various reports that elevated levels of radiation are being detected near the site of the plant.

“No country other than Russia has ever fired on nuclear power units. This is the first time in our history. In the history of mankind. The terrorist state now resorted to nuclear terror," Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a video message.

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