Ukrainians Share Intelligence About Russian Convoys Through Chatbot

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  • 05:20 PM, March 8, 2022
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Ukrainians Share Intelligence About Russian Convoys Through Chatbot
Russian convoy stuck based on Citizen intelligence: Ukrainian MoD image

Information posted on a Chatbot by Ukrainian civilians about the movement of Russian convoys has led to the destruction of several Russian tanks and armored vehicles.

A Russian military convoy was destroyed In the Kiev region yesterday thanks to the reports of Ukrainians about the advance of enemy equipment through the official chatbot,@stop_russian_war_bot, according to

The civilians post coordinates of the location of Russian armor which makes it easy to track their movements and prepare counterattacks.

According to Ukrinform, the State Special Communications Service reports about this in Telegram. "Notifications about the movement of the enemy through the official chatbot @stop_russian_war_bot bring new trophies every day."

"This time, the Security Service of Ukraine received the coordinates of enemy equipment marked "V" in the Kyiv region. They were checked and handed over to the military who then short at them with anti-tank weapons leading the whole convoy going up in flames.

The State Special Communications Service has urged civilians to continue to inform through the chatbot about the movement of enemy equipment and sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

"Please send data clearly and structured with the most accurate time and geolocation designations," the State Special Communications Service urged, ukrinform reports.

The number of Russian tanks, helicopters and armored vehicles destroyed in the war so far is between 5000-10,000 according various Ukrainian sources.

Ukrainians Share Intelligence About Russian Convoys Through Chatbot
Russian KA-52 helicopter brought down in Ukraine
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