Russian Forces Seize T-64 Tank with NATO-Standard Upgrades in Ukraine

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  • 05:23 AM, April 3, 2022
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Russian Forces Seize T-64 Tank with NATO-Standard Upgrades in Ukraine
Modernized T-64 tank @Ukroboronprom

The Russian military claimed to have seized a fully-operational Ukrainian T-64 tank that were upgraded under NATO standards near Chernigov.

The equipment is being examined by Russian military specialists. It was reportedly abandoned by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"As compared to baseline combat vehicles, these tanks are outfitted with night vision thermal imagers and observation instruments as well as with NATO-standard communications and navigation devices," the Russian Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

The ministry added that the tank with full ammunition was left in a hurry by the Ukrainian army as Russian troops approached.

Kyiv reportedly has around 700 T-64 battle tanks in service. It announced the completion of T-64 tank modernization project in May 2021. Launched in 2017, it included a night vision system upgrade, new radio system, engine upgrade.

In mid-February, Kharkiv Armored Plant has announced that it is testing the newly-modernized T-64BV tank, an upgraded version of the T-64B with enhanced anti-radiation protection and additional explosive reactive armor. The tank has been equipped with third-generation surveillance and sighting units, rubber shields, and anti-accumulation sternward bar armor. Its fuel system has also been upgraded with additional armored protection. The 40-ton vehicle has seen the addition of an automatic breechloading system and a reduction in crew size to three. With a maximum road speed of 45kmph, the T-64BV has a cruising range of 600km. T-64BV standard equipment includes an NBC system, that protects the tank against mass destruction weapons, and infra-red night vision equipment for better nocturnal missions. The T-64BV also has two snorkels for deep fording and is fitted with a laser rangefinder. It also fires guided missiles.

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