Russia Develops Screening System to Expose ‘Dangerous Individuals’ Based on Social Media Activity

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  • 05:05 AM, May 26, 2022
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Russia Develops Screening System to Expose ‘Dangerous Individuals’ Based on Social Media Activity
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A Russian firm has developed a system for covert screening of people in public places that can help identify individuals and assess the degree of their danger to others, including on the basis of activity in social networks.

"We have gone much further than the function of identifying people. We have developed basic tools for profiling people based on their online activity on such platforms as TikTok, YouTube, VKontakte, Facebook (banned in Russia), Yandex and other services. The system allows for creating the person’s profile and assessing the degree of threats to other people based on a combination of characteristic features," CEO of the A.L. Mints Radio Engineering Institute and the research institute of long-range radio communication NIIDAR, Yuri Anoshko, told TASS an interview.

Alongside the profiling system the complex of non-stop covert screening incorporates a system of interpreting facial micro-expressions and gait. It is capable of reliable and timely identification of potential threats to society.

Russian law enforcement agencies have already ordered a certain number of such systems. The profiling system has aroused great interest among law enforcement agencies and large companies.

The screening system is designed for examining passers-by without stopping and for identifying dangerous objects and prohibited substances. The principle of its operation is based on safe electromagnetic waves in the millimeter and terahertz ranges. This innovative product allows for making the inspection process fast and comfortable and preventing long lines. This is especially crucial to maintaining security at such facilities as airports, train stations, stadiums and other crowded places, where conventional frames detectors significantly slow down the flow of visitors.

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