Satellites of the Future to be Powered by Water?

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  • 06:22 AM, July 27, 2022
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Satellites of the Future to be Powered by Water?

Thales Alenia Space has signed an agreement with Italian startup MIPRONS to develop a propulsion system for satellites, using water as a fuel.

Based on MIPRONS’ technology, with the Italian patent being extended to 49 other countries, this miniaturized, high-thrust thruster will use a very green, cost-effective propellant – water! An electrolysis process breaks down the water into hydrogen and oxygen, which are fed into the combustion chamber. Only loading water, the system would allow for faster maneuver times such as orbit-raising, de-orbiting and collision avoidance. Because the system is both compact and scalable, it can be used on all size satellites, from small to large.

The MIPRONS concept also calls on 3D printing for a number of components.

Purposed-designed for Thales Alenia Space's satellites, this powerful and high-efficiency thruster will feature reduced weight and volume. The company will guide thruster development to achieve a propulsion solution for small and medium satellites. It will support in Italy, the environmental testing of the engineering model.

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