BAE Systems Tech to Protect U.S. F-15EX Jets from GPS Signal Jamming

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  • 01:21 PM, September 10, 2022
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BAE Systems Tech to Protect U.S. F-15EX Jets from GPS Signal Jamming

BAE Systems has received a $13 million contract for advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to protect U.S. F-15E aircraft from GPS signal jamming and spoofing.

The company’s Digital GPS Anti-jam Receiver (DIGAR) will ensure the reliability of military GPS systems for aircraft operating in challenging signal environments.

DIGAR uses advanced antenna electronics, high-performance signal-processing, and digital beamforming – a capability that combines 16 steered beams – for better GPS signal reception and superior jamming immunity.

These capabilities are critical for high-speed aircraft as they maneuver through the battlespace. The F-15 Eagle is the second U.S. Air Force fighter platform to receive DIGAR GPS upgrades, following the F-16 Fighting Falcon. DIGAR also provides advanced GPS capabilities for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft as well as multiple unmanned aerial vehicles.

“Modern airborne missions require accurate positioning and navigation data, and GPS systems must be able to withstand adversaries’ best disruption efforts,” said Greg Wild, Navigation and Sensor Systems product line director at BAE Systems. “Our DIGAR antenna electronics are trusted to protect these platforms in contested environments.”

BAE Systems Tech to Protect U.S. F-15EX Jets from GPS Signal Jamming
F-15EX in flight

Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability Systems (EPAWSS)

BAE Systems has received a contract from Boeing to produce additional Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability Systems (EPAWSS) for U.S. F-15E and F-15EX Eagle aircraft – providing state-of-the-art situational awareness and self-defense capabilities.

The Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) lot 2 contracts will initiate the production of additional EPAWSS systems and spares and the delivery of units for test and development. Under the contract, Boeing will continue to install EPAWSS on new F-15EXs and existing F-15Es – providing the jets with critical electromagnetic capabilities.

“EPAWSS production is growing as the Department of Defense signals the long-term importance of F-15s to the strategic fleet,” said Bridget McDermott, EPAWSS LRIP program director at BAE Systems. “These aircraft bring speed, maneuverability, and payload to the fight, and now with EPAWSS, they can better detect and protect against modern threats.”

BAE Systems Tech to Protect U.S. F-15EX Jets from GPS Signal Jamming
M-Code GPS Receiver illustration
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