Russian Military Launches Kosmos-2560 'Spy' Satellite

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  • 06:53 AM, October 16, 2022
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Russian Military Launches Kosmos-2560 'Spy' Satellite
Russian Satellite launch: Roscosmos

An Angara-1.2 rocket operated by the Russian Space Force launched the Kosmos-2560 'spy' satellite for the Russian Defense Ministry from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome late Saturday.
The light launch vehicle with the spacecraft blasted off at 22:55 Moscow time on Saturday and was successfully put into the target orbit, a Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) announcement said Sunday.
"The Kosmos-2560 spacecraft launched by combat crews of the Space Force of Russia’s Aerospace Forces was placed on the target orbit at the estimated time and was taken for tracking by terrestrial facilities of MoD," the Ministry said.
Robust telecommunication is being maintained with the satellite and its onboard systems are functioning normally, the Ministry added.

Russian Military Launches Kosmos-2560 'Spy' Satellite
Angara 1.2 rocket on launch pad: Russian MoD

The Kosmos-2560 is a small military satellite optical reconnaissance satellite with a high a high resolution camera, according to open source information. Weighing 150 kgs it has a resultion of 0.9 meters in panchromatic mode.
Russia launched an earlier version of the satellite, Kosmos-2558 on August 1, 2022. The launch attracted the ire of the United States which accused Moscow of placing the satellite into the same orbital plane as USA 326, an American military satellite that launched into low-Earth orbit earlier on February 2, 2022 via a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.
The launch of the USA 326 as well as the Kosmos-2558 and Kosmos-2560 have something to do with observing what is going on in Ukraine, several military observers have inferred.

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