Mi-26 Helicopter’s Engine to be based on SSJ-NEW Airliner’s PD-8

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  • 11:34 AM, October 28, 2022
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Mi-26 Helicopter’s Engine to be based on SSJ-NEW Airliner’s PD-8
PD-8 engine @Rostec

Russian Mi-26 heavy transport helicopter could be powered by an engine created based on the PD-8 which is built to be installed on SSJ-NEW passenger aircraft and Be-200 amphibious aircraft.

The Mi-26 is currently powered by two Ukrainian Lotarev D-136 turboshaft engines the supply of which stopped in 2015 following the Russian annexation of Crimea.

Three prototypes of the PD-8 engine are currently participating in tests, Deputy General Director - General Designer of the United Engine Corporation (UEC) Yuri Shmotin said on the sidelines of the International Engine Building Forum, held in Moscow from October 26 to 28.

“We have already tested three prototypes, on which we have obtained results, and today we say: thermodynamically, the machine has succeeded,” Yury Shmotin told TASS , adding that work on the engine continues. Tests are planned for the current and next years, during which a number of issues remain to be resolved.

Yuri Shmotin added that an engine for the world's largest Mi-26 helicopter can be created based on the gas generator of the promising PD-8 engine. “The gas generator of the PD-8 engine can be used as a gas generator for the engine of a new generation of the Mi-26 helicopter,” he explained.

The customer here is the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Further work in this area will be carried out in accordance with its requirements.

The PD-8 bypass turbofan engine, which will be used in the imported SSJ-NEW passenger aircraft and the Be-200 amphibious aircraft, is being created using the latest Russian materials and advanced technologies, including 3D printing. The work involves a wide cooperation of UEC enterprises, the experience of creating the PD-14 engine is actively used.

Mi-26 Helicopter’s Engine to be based on SSJ-NEW Airliner’s PD-8
Lotarev D-136 engine

It was earlier reported that a new engine option for the Mi-26 – tenatively called the PD-12V turboshaft – is being developed by Aviadvigatel, a subsidiary of United Engine Corporation (UEC).
The PD-12V is expected to be have a power rating of 14,000 hp compared to 11,400 hp of the older Ukrainian D-136 engine.
The increased power will provide the world's biggest helicopter with a more speed, higher cargo load and better performance in high-altitude and hot climate conditions. In addition, the new Russian engine is being designed to be 18 per cent more fuel efficient than the Ukraine engine.

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