New Su-30SM2 Jets with Improved Electronics, Increased Detection Delivered to Russian MoD

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  • 06:22 PM, November 21, 2022
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New Su-30SM2 Jets with Improved Electronics, Increased Detection Delivered to Russian MoD
New Su-30SM2 Jets with improved electronics, better target detection

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) today handed over to the Russian Ministry of Defense a batch of new Su-30SM2 fighters and combat training Yak-130 aircrat.
The new Su-30SM2 fighters are equipped with an improved complex of on-board radio-electronic equipment. Thanks to the modernization carried out on the instructions of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the combat capabilities of the aircraft have increased.
In particular, the range of detection and identification of air targets has increased. New high-precision weapons of destroying air, ground and sea targets at a range of several hundred kilometers have been introduced into the armament of fighters, a UAC release said.
Most of the improvement are based on combat experiences in Ukraine where the need is to launch precisioin-hit missiles from a stand-off distance without bringing the Russian fighters within range of Ukrainian air defense systems.
“In light of the current challenges, the industry is acting in solidarity with the Ministry of Defense. The coordinating council under the government controls the provision of the needs of the armed forces for equipment and compliance with the delivery deadlines, - said Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - Denis Manturov.
The Yak-130 two-seat combat training aircraft provides basic and advanced training for pilots of modern and advanced combat aircraft, including super-maneuverable fighters of the 4++ and 5 generations.
"Today, another batch of Su-30SM2 aircraft is in production, which will be handed over to the customer before the end of the year,” said Yury Slyusar, General Director of UAC.

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