Turkish Shipyard Launches ‘Khaibar’ MILGEM Corvette for Pakistan Navy

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  • 07:23 AM, November 28, 2022
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Turkish Shipyard Launches ‘Khaibar’ MILGEM Corvette for Pakistan Navy
PNS Khaibar MILGEM corvette @Turkish state media

Istanbul Naval Shipyard launched MILGEM-class corvette PNS Khaibar (282) for Pakistan Navy on November 25.

Pakistan signed an agreement with Ankara for four MILGEM corvettes along with technology transfer in 2018. It consists of 4 ships, 2 ships will be built in Istanbul Shipyard Command and 2 ships will be built in Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KS&EW).

Pakistan Navy Adm. Muhammed Amjad Khan Niazi told Turkey’s state-owned Anadolu Agency (AA) that the ships are equipped with surface-to-surface- and surface-to-air weapon systems.

Turkey’s MILGEM marine platforms project aims to develop multipurpose corvettes and frigates that can be deployed in a range of missions. These include reconnaissance, surveillance, early warning, anti-submarine warfare, surface-to-surface- and surface-to-air warfare, and amphibious operations.

The vessels are on average 99m long with a displacement capacity of around 24,000 tons and can move at a speed of 29 nautical miles.

The corvettes are equipped with surface-to-air guided missile systems, surface-to-surface guided missile systems, a 76mm main battery cannon, a torpedo launch system, a close air defense system (CIWS), a total of two 25 mm STOP Remote Controlled Stabilized Naval Gun Systems by Turkish defense giant Aselsan, hull-mounted sonar, and torpedo jamming and deception system features.

The first MILGEM is targeted to be delivered to the Pakistan Navy in 2023.

At the Shipyard on the same day, keel of the first Hisar-class offshore patrol vessel, the future TCG Akhisar (P-1220), was laid and the first steel of the second OPV (P-1221 or TCG Kochisar) was cut.

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