French Military Receives A330 MRTT, ATL2 Patrol Aircraft

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  • 08:26 AM, December 19, 2022
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French Military Receives A330 MRTT, ATL2 Patrol Aircraft
Airbus A330 MRTT @DGA

The French military has taken delivery of the 9th A330 MRTT and the 10th Atlantique 2 (ATL2) maritime patrol aircraft modernized to standard 6.

A330 civil aircraft produced by Airbus in Toulouse are converted into MRTTs in Spain’s Getafe. Tests of the MRTT variant were conducted in France before their delivery to the military on December 14.

The A330-MRTT’s capabilities allows it to replace several distinct older-generation aircraft fleets: the C135-FR and KC135-RG for in-flight refueling, and the A310 and A340 for the strategic transport of personnel and freight.

The Phénix is ​​designed to respond to the various missions entrusted to the Air and Space Force: implementation of the air component of nuclear deterrence, contribution to the
permanent air security posture, strategic projection of forces and power, emergency medical transport, the DGA said.

Twelve A330-MRTT Phénix will have been delivered to the Air and Space Force by the end of 2023.

French Military Receives A330 MRTT, ATL2 Patrol Aircraft
Modernized Atlantique 2 maritime patrol aircraft @DGA

Modernization of ATL2 MPA was carried out by the industrial department aeronautics (SIAé). The aircraft will soon be delivered to the French Navy at the Lann-Bihoué naval aeronautical base (Morbihan).

The modernized MPA features upgraded combat system.

This involves integrating new technologies in terms of tactical mission systems, sensor subsystems and display consoles into existing aircraft, dealing with the obsolescence of certain systems and restoring aircraft performance to better levels.

The equipment installed includes new Searchmaster radar, which benefits from the active antenna technology developed by Thales for the Rafale. The ATL2s will thus improve their ability to deal with modern threats in all weather conditions, whether in the context of strategic deterrence missions or in the context of engagements against silent and stealthy submarines, fast craft, and even land vehicles.

The 2019-2025 LPM provides for the renovation of 18 ATL2s to standard 6.

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