Range of Turkey’s Tayfun Ballistic Missile to be increased to 1,000 km

  • Defensemirror.com Bureau
  • 08:47 AM, January 17, 2023
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Range of Turkey’s Tayfun Ballistic Missile to be increased to 1,000 km
Tayfun short-range ballistic missile

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said tests of a missile are being carried out at Izmir city, range of which will be doubled in the future.

Erdogan may have referred to the short-range ballistic missile named Tayfun (Typhoon), which hit a target at a distance of 561km after being successfully test-fired in October over the Black Sea. Tayfun’s range is now double that of Bora, the country’s first domestic missile system.

“Currently, the range of our missile is 565 km. It’s not enough, we’re going to increase it to 1,000 km,” Erdoğan said.

He said the ongoing tests of the missile are “scaring” Greece, a country with which it shares an uneasy relationship with.

“Tests are being carried out from Izmir, and a missile that might be launched from there begins to scare them. I say, ‘O Greek, we have no business with you as long as you behave yourself. Just behave yourself,’” he said.

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