Russia Bets Big on Middle East to Drive Arms Sales: IDEX 2023

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  • 10:22 AM, February 20, 2023
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Russia Bets Big on Middle East to Drive Arms Sales: IDEX 2023
Rosoboronexport at IDEX: File photo

Brushing aside sanctions pressure on countries buying Russian weapons, Rosoboronexport, Russia's arms exporting agency has organized a high-visiblity display at IDEX 2023, currently on in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
“Middle East countries are Russia’s traditional and important partners. Rosoboronexport is implementing a lot of military-technical cooperation projects in the region,” said Rosoboronexport’s Director General Alexander Mikheev. “Today, we are working out proposals that could be of immediate interest to Middle East nations—primarily related to technology transfer, joint R & D, and application of offset programs.
An industry source told, "interest in Russian arms is high considering their good performance in the Syrian and Libyan conflict and in the war in Ukraine. Several customers from the Middle East and North Africa want us to give presentations at IDEX 2023, hence the big display."
Rosoboronexport is considering options for the manufacture of a fifth-generation fighter based on the Checkmate light tactical aircraft, further work on the development and production of air defense systems, equipment for the Navy, and weapons for the Army.”

Russia Bets Big on Middle East to Drive Arms Sales: IDEX 2023
Sprut-SDM1 light amphibious tank

Novelties among the more than 200 full-scale models of armament, ammunition and military include the AU-220M 57 mm multipurpose remote weapon station, the T-90MS MBT and the Sprut-SDM1 light amphibious tank, the TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system, the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle, the BT-3F armored personnel carrier, as well as explosive reactive armor (ERA) systems.
Russian missile and rocket systems include the Iskander-E theater missile system, the 9K515 (Tornado-S) multiple rocket launcher system, the Khrizantema-S and Kornet-EM ATGM systems.
Visitors to the Russian pavilion will be able to get acquainted with the Typhoon-family MRAP wheeled armored vehicles, Uran-6 robotic mine-clearing systems, the Krasnopol and Kitolov-2M advanced guided artillery projectiles.

Russia Bets Big on Middle East to Drive Arms Sales: IDEX 2023
Mi-28 and KA-52 attack helicopters

The helicopter section will be represented by the Ka-52E and Mi-28NE attack helicopters, and the Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter besides the 305E and Vikhr-1 guided missiles. Drones such as the the Orion-E, Orlan-10E and Orlan-30 aerial will also be on display.
In the recent past Rosoboronexport has been able to effect arms sales despite strong pressure from the United States on buying countries. Notable is the continued deliveries to India of the S-400 air defense systems as part of $5.1 Billion deal.

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