New Russian Anti-drone Electronic Warfare Device Worries Ukrainian Military

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  • 06:41 PM, February 26, 2023
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New Russian Anti-drone Electronic Warfare Device Worries Ukrainian Military
Russian Strizh-3 anti drone electronic warfare system

A new electronic warfare device that blocks the communication channels of drones is causing concern in among Ukrainian forces.
The device, called "Strizh-3" electronic warfare (EW) system works by suppressing the communication and control channel of surveillence drones as they pass overhead.
Unlike regular EW systems which are mounted on armored vehicles or placed atop drones exposing them to enemy attack, the Strizh-3 is hidden inside trenches and bushes.
Its small size (no bigger than a football) and light weight enlable it to be mounted on a small tripod and camouflaged from the prying eyes of electro-optical sensors.
A Facebook page called “Serhiy Flash,” that reports on Ukrainian military activity said, "To the attention of aerial intelligence. Fresh photos of the trench hunter with our drones. Complex of the Russian Federation "Striz-3". Dangerous and subject to (immediate) destruction."
"A sign that the system is in operation: the (drone) operator suddenly loses the picture and control,” it said.

New Russian Anti-drone Electronic Warfare Device Worries Ukrainian Military
Strizh-3 EW system detected in Ukraine

Images of the anti-drone EW systems published by Serhiy Flash show several of the Strizh-3 units hidden in bushes and doughouts.
The Strizh-3 system consists of 6 directed antennas in a circle besides three antennas under the circular dome. It can recognize 81 different types of UAVs based on their electronic signals.
Earlier this month, Russia's Rostec industrial holding announced the development of the "Serp-VS" EW system with features similar to that of the Strizh-3.
Rostec said it has completed tests of the Serp-VS drone suppression systems at a facility of the Russian fuel and energy complex. The devices installed on the industrial territory of the oil company made it possible to detect and suppress intruder drones in the protected area. "Serp-VS" can operate autonomously at a remote position and protect both mobile and stationary objects.

New Russian Anti-drone Electronic Warfare Device Worries Ukrainian Military
Serp-VS EW system @Rostec

The system allows you to influence both the signals of global navigation satellite systems - GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou - and the UAV control signals in the 2.4 and 5.6 GHz bands used in Wi-Fi networks.
The Serp-VS can suppress drones in 360 degrees along the horizontal axis and between 10 degrees to 80 degrees in the vertical axis. The possibility of controlled sector suppression is also provided. The operating modes in each of the 4 azimuth sectors are set independently of each other.
The power consumption of the device is not more than 150 W, and the range is up to 3 km. Communication with its own control center is carried out via an Ethernet network.

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