Switzerland will continue to Deny Requests to Export Swiss-made Arms to Ukraine

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  • 02:16 PM, March 13, 2023
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Switzerland will continue to Deny Requests to Export Swiss-made Arms to Ukraine
Switzerland produces shells for German Gepard anti-aircraft tanks being supplied to Ukraine

Switzerland will continue to deny export license to third countries which wish to export Swiss-manufactured arms to Ukraine citing its policy of neutrality which demands arms embargo against both Ukraine and Russia which are involved in a conflict.

In its statement issued Friday, the Swiss Ministry of Defense (MoD) said while it opposes the re-export of its weapons to Ukraine, it allows arms exports to European defense companies which do not contravene its neutrality.

“At its meeting on 10 March, the Federal Council considered the issue of the re-export of Swiss-manufactured war materiel by third countries and decided to maintain its current practice. This is based on the War Materiel Act and on Switzerland’s long-standing humanitarian tradition as a neutral state,” the statement said.

The MoD said it has received re-export requests for Swiss arms from Germany, Denmark and Spain in the last 12 months. “The requests have been denied.”

Even with its strict rules, it cannot be said that Swiss weapons have not ended up in the wrong hands. Country-made hand grenades sold to the U.A.E. were purportedly used in the Syrian civil war, Swiss munitions sold to Qatar ended up in Libya and in 2008 Pilatus PC-9 turboprop-trainers were said to likely have been armed in Chad.

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