Turkey Starts Constructing Second Ada-class Corvette for Ukraine

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  • 09:27 AM, March 14, 2023
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Turkey Starts Constructing Second Ada-class Corvette for Ukraine
Ada-class corvette

A metal cutting ceremony, marking the start of the construction of the second Ada-class corvette for the Ukrainian Navy, was reportedly held recently.

It is unknown exactly when the ceremony took place, Defense Turk wrote on March 10.

Usually, after cutting the steel, the formation of individual sections of the vessel begins, which are then combined into a hull.

The warship has undergone modifications at the request of the Ukrainian Navy, the report said. Among these changes are the power plant and vertical launchers of MICA VL anti-aircraft missiles, which are located in the aft part of the ship.

The contract for the construction of two ADA-class corvettes was signed by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine with Turkish companies in December 2020. The first corvette for the Ukrainian Navy was laid in Turkey in September 2021. And at the end of December, 2022 the ship’s hull began to be assembled at the shipbuilding enterprise in Istanbul.

Under the agreements signed in October and December of 2020, first of the corvettes would be built in Turkey while the rest are to be produced in Okean Shipyard.

The Ada-class corvette can carry out the determination, location, classification, identification and destruction of air, surface and underwater targets as well as provide naval gunfire support. In addition to avoiding any potential threats, corvettes can perform maritime operations such as maritime surveillance and patrols, coastal and infrastructure protection, and the supervision and surveillance of exclusive economic zones.

Turkey Starts Constructing Second Ada-class Corvette for Ukraine
MBDA's MICA VL anti-aircraft missiles
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