Iran Equips Warship with Multiple Drone Types, Including Kamikaze

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  • 08:17 AM, March 17, 2023
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Iran Equips Warship with Multiple Drone Types, Including Kamikaze
IRGC drone carrier Shahid Mahdavi

The Iranian Navy said it has outfitted its new homegrown Shahid Mahdavi warship with different kinds of drones, including the kamikaze ones.

“The Shahid Mahdavi combat support vessel has been equipped with cruise missiles with a range of 300 to 750km, Sepehr-7 vertical launch drones with a flight duration of 8 hours and a range of 200km, and kamikaze drones with a range of 1,300km, and it can also carry 5 helicopters,” Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri, the commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy, was quoted as saying by Iranian state-owned media.

The remarks came a few days after the ocean-going warship joined the IRGC Navy’s fleet.

The 2,100-ton vessel, which has a length of 240 meters and a width of 27 meters, is equipped with a 3D phased-array radar and highly advanced electronic warfare telecommunication systems.

The commander added that the IRGC Navy’s Tareq-class boats have been outfitted with missiles that have a range of 180km, adding that the boats can fire their missiles while sailing at a speed of 60 knots.

Ashura- and Zolfaqar-class boats have been equipped with Kowasr-200 and Navab missiles, respectively, he noted. Navab and Sayyad-3 missiles have been installed on the Shahid Soleimani warship.

“We have unmanned vessels that are equipped with artificial intelligence and are capable of guiding other unmanned vessels and attacking with them,” Tangsiri said.

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