Turkish TF-X Aircraft Taxiing on GE F-110 Engine

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  • 01:06 PM, March 23, 2023
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Turkish TF-X Aircraft Taxiing on GE F-110 Engine
TF-X first prototype taxi run @via Twitter

Turkey’s 4.5 generation National Combat Aircraft (TF-X) fighter jet prototype which was rolled out last week, has reportedly started its ground runs.

Prototypes of the TF-X will initially operate with U.S.-made GE F-110 engine.

The TF-X has reportedly started its ground runs. In a video shared on Twitter, the TF-X can be seen powering up and moving under its own power.

Turkish TF-X Aircraft Taxiing on GE F-110 Engine
TEI-TF10000 engine

The F-110 engine powers the F-16 aircraft and Turkish Engine Industries (TEI) has a contract to perform deep maintenance of the engine found in Turkish F-16s and that of some other Air Forces in West Asia.

TEI has announced the development of an all new engine, the TEI-TF10000 in December 2022. A variant of this engine will power the TF-X, according to TEI.

Turkish TF-X Aircraft Taxiing on GE F-110 Engine
TF-X specifications

The TEI-TF10000 engine which was designed for KIZILELMA-class unmanned combat systems, fast assault boats, power plants and can be used in regional passenger planes and a military turbofan engine is one that stands out as an important technological development and demonstration for TEI and Turkey in the way towards the engine of the TF-X. The engine will be able to offer solutions for thrust in heavy class attack helicopters such as ATAK-2 with different configurations produced from its core.

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