Finland to Allow U.S. to Use its Military Bases

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  • 09:52 AM, May 3, 2023
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Finland to Allow U.S. to Use its Military Bases
Finnish President Niinistö with his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden in Washington, in March 2022.

In a development certain to Alarm Russia, newly inducted NATO member, Finland is negotiating with the U.S. to allow U.S. Forces to use its military bases for storage and exercises.

Talks between Finland and the U.S. were held last week to discuss the defense cooperation agreement (DCA) in Helsinki, local media Helsingin Sanomat reports. The negotiations could continue until 2024. After that, the draft document will be submitted for consideration by representatives of the parliament.

The defense agreement is supposed to strengthen Finland’s defense capabilities through the presence of the U.S. and the possible early deployment of American defense systems.

The terms of the DCA will allow the deployment of military units. The rules will regulate their stay on the territory of the state, the storage of military equipment, and potential American investments in infrastructure.

The agreement, however, does not concern the possible deployment of nuclear weapons in Finland.

Mikael Antell, the deputy head of the department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland said that the text of the agreement is almost ready. He mentioned the possible option of creating a service center on the territory of Finland for the maintenance of F-35 fighter jets.

The U.S. is currently conducting similar defense cooperation negotiations with Sweden and Denmark. It concluded a similar agreement with Norway in 2021.

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