IRIS-T Air Defense System Destroys 60 Russian "Targets" over Ukraine

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  • 09:58 AM, May 4, 2023
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IRIS-T Air Defense System Destroys 60 Russian
Ukraine's IRIS-T air defense system firing rockets @Ukrainian Air Force

Ukraine’s military claims the German-made IRIS-T air defense system has destroyed more than 60 Russian targets since its deployment last October.

Mykola Oleschuk, Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, released the video featuring the air defense system.

The Deputy Commander of the anti-aircraft missile unit with the call sign “Jeweler” reported that the military personnel who service the system stay in shelter during its operation.

“Operators include officers, locator service, and launcher service. After the deployment, they immediately go to the shelter and watch from there. Only the service, which conducts combat work, remains,” he said.

The radar using Iris-T can transmit information to the combined system, which allows sharing of information with other systems operating in the same direction, Ukrainian media reported.

What we see on our radar, we can share this information with neighboring systems, so to speak. And based on our data, they can fire at these or other targets. The sensations from the first launches, from the first operation are quite impressive,” said the Head of the Detection station with the call sign “McQueen”.

On the first day of IRIS-T’s operation, the military reportedly managed to shoot down all targets.

Ukraine recently received the second of four Iris-T systems from Germany. Information about this was confirmed on the website of the country’s government, where a list of aid transferred to Ukraine is regularly published.



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