Uralvagonzavod Triples Tank Production Rate as Ukraine claims 4,100+ Russian Tanks Destroyed

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  • 05:49 AM, July 19, 2023
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Uralvagonzavod Triples Tank Production Rate as Ukraine claims 4,100+ Russian Tanks Destroyed
T-90M Proryv tanks @Rostec

Rostec-owned Uralvagonzavod said while delivering a batch of T-90M Proryv and T-72B3M tanks to Russian defense ministry that it has tripled its production rate since last year.

“Enterprises have picked up a good pace, in particular, Uralvagonzavod has more than tripled its production rate over the past year and has now delivered another batch of T-90M Proryv tanks and modernized T-72B3M tanks to Russian troops,” Rostec said in a release.

The company is also producing T-90M Proryv tanks for Russian troops. Russian Army received the first batch of these tanks in April 2020.

T-90Ms tanks teamed up with quadcopter drones in an exercise held February this year.

T-90Ms are equipped with a new multi-channel sight, ensuring the use of weapons at any time of the day. The tank is equipped with spaced armor and Relikt reactive armor. It can also be equipped with the Arena-M active protection system.

According to the Russian state media, the T-90M is on the same level with latest Abrams, Leopard, Leclerc and Merkava versions in terms of weapons system, firepower, mobility and protection, while surpasses these tanks in drive range, transportability, fuel consumption and armor resistance.

Ukraine captured one of these tanks in “perfect condition” in September 2022.

Ukraine’s defense ministry claims over 4,100 Russian tanks have been destroyed in the ongoing war.

Independent monitoring organization Oryx reported recently that the number of Russian tanks lost in the war amounted to 2,136 of which 1352 were destroyed, 121 were damaged, 115 were abandoned and 548 were captured. The tanks’ models ranged across: T-62M, T-62MV, T-64A, T-64BV, T-72A, T-72B, T-72BA, T-72B3, T-80BV, T-80U, T-80BVM, T-90A, and T-90M.

Deep modernization of Russian tanks underway

Uralvagonzavod said it will start “deep modernization” of T-72B tanks to the T-72B3M version, and also of T-80BV tanks to the T-80BVM.  

“Uralvagonzavod armored vehicles have received invariably good ratings from the military participating in the special military operation. Today, tanks of the T-72, T-80 and T-90 families continue to be modified taking into account combat experience and the wishes of tankers participating in a special military operation,” said Alexander Potapov, General Director of JSC Concern Uralvagonzavod.

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