HYDIS² Project to Build Hypersonic Defence Interceptor Proposed for Funding by European Commission

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  • 11:47 AM, August 3, 2023
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HYDIS² Project to Build Hypersonic Defence Interceptor Proposed for Funding by European Commission

The European Commission has proposed a project by MBDA-led HYDIS² consortium to build a hypersonic defence interceptor for funding.

In May 2023, the HYDIS² consortium submitted a proposal for a concept architecture and technology maturation study of an endo-atmospheric interceptor against new high-end emerging threats, in the framework of the European Defence Fund 2023 work programme.

Following a positive evaluation two months later, the European Commission proposed the project for funding.

The consortium, coordinated by MBDA, proposed HYDIS² (HYpersonic Defence Interceptor Study), a project that brings together Defence groups, institutions, SMEs, mid-caps and universities. France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands have already confirmed their support and commitment by signing a Letter of Intent and agreeing on Initial Common Requirements.

The objective of HYDIS² is to study various interceptor concepts and bring to maturity the associated critical technologies to deliver the best counter-hypersonic and anti-ballistic interception solution that fulfils the four Member States needs and addresses the needs of the European PESCO TWISTER capability programme.

The HYDIS² consortium brings together 19 partners and more than 20 subcontractors in 14 European countries. The partners are ArianeGroup, AVIO, Avio Aero, Bayern-Chemie, CIRA, DLR, GKN Fokker, LYNRED, MBDA España, MBDA France, MBDA Germany, MBDA Italia, OHB System AG, ONERA, ROXEL France, THALES LAS France, TDW, THALES Netherlands and TNO.

HYDIS² contributes to the AQUILA interceptor project, proposing counter-hypersonic interceptor concepts for European nations.

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