Poland Orders SPIKE LR Missiles for $100M

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  • 06:18 AM, August 9, 2023
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Poland Orders SPIKE LR Missiles for $100M
Spike-LR @Rafael

The Polish Ministry of Defense, through its Armament Authority, announced that it is purchasing hundreds of SPIKE LR Missiles through RAFAEL’s local industrial partner, MESKO, in a deal worth around $100 million.

MESKO has already manufactured SPIKE Missiles for the Polish MOD, and this will be the third such deal involving the SPIKE Missile Family. The local manufacturing capabilities have provided the Polish MOD with over 3,000 SPIKE missiles that are entirely Polish-made.

Spike-LR is a portable anti-armor weapon system with a range of up to 4km, which can be operated in fire-and-forget mode and in fire, observe and update mode using the fiber-optic data link.

Spike-LR is equipped with a fibre-optic data link guidance system, which sends commands to the missile from the launch system and receives, into the gunner’s field of view, images from the seeker. The gunner can update his aim point while the missile is in flight using the fiber-optic link. As well as updating target information, the datalink allows the gunner to switch targets and also receive real-time intelligence and perform battle damage assessment. The Spike system can work in NLOS mode allowing the gunner to operate from a covered position.

Spike-LR, which can also be installed on light combat vehicles, can be used to engage tanks, armored vehicles, hardened shelters and low-flying slow targets such as helicopters.

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