Russian Crude Tanker, Damaged in Ukrainian Drone Boat Attack, Being Towed to Repair Base

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  • 09:35 AM, August 9, 2023
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Russian Crude Tanker, Damaged in Ukrainian Drone Boat Attack, Being Towed to Repair Base
Ukrainian sea drone approaches Russian tanker "Sig" @via Ukrainian authorities

Russian oil tanker “Sig” hit by Ukrainian naval drone in the Kerch Strait off occupied Crimea on Aug. 5 is being towed to a repair base in Aksai.

Telegram channel Rosmorrechflot reported this earlier today. Towing is being carried out by tugboat “Konevets.”

A video released by Ukrainian authorities appeared to show a marine drone striking the side of the 141-metre Russian-flagged Sig, after which the latter suffered a hole.

Russian media reported that the crew of 11 was not injured, the ship remained afloat. Boom barriers were built around.

On board the vessel, there is an emergency rescue party of three people with sump pumps, spill response equipment oil and sorbent reserves, the report said.

The rescue team is also cleaning the engine room from oil residues with a biosorbent. The booms located inside the engine room are controlled. A total of 756 kg of biosorbent has been used since the start of emergency operations. No pollution of the water area is observed.

The nine-year-old vessel is known to have provided oil to Russian forces, including those operating in Syria. It has been under western sanctions restricting its operations for four years.

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