Russia’s First Wheeled SP Howitzer 'Malva' to Debut at ARMY-2023

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  • 07:19 AM, August 14, 2023
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Russia’s First Wheeled SP Howitzer 'Malva' to Debut at ARMY-2023
Malva wheeled howitzer @Rostec

Russia’s first wheeled self-propelled howitzer "Malva” has made its debut at the ARMY-2023 Forum (August 14-20) in Moscow.

Rostec confirmed this information in an official release.

The 152-mm self-propelled artillery gun 2S43 "Malva" was created on the basis of the BAZ chassis with an 8x8 wheel arrangement. The gun mount is designed to destroy command posts, defensive structures, artillery, rocket and mortar batteries, air defense systems, columns of armored vehicles and enemy manpower.

The howitzer has the ability to implement the "simultaneous fire raid" firing mode (when several fired ammunition simultaneously reaches the target). The complex of onboard equipment facilitates the crew, consisting of five people, the supply of shells and provides automated fire control. In addition, the gun received an autonomous power unit, which provides it with electricity in position.

Malva howitzer is able to quickly turn around in position and leave it, avoiding return fire, which is very important in counter-battery combat. This is a modern and powerful weapon, with which you can destroy almost any object at a distance of more than 24 kmThe rate of fire of the howitzer is more than 7 rounds per minute, and the ammunition consists of several dozen shells. The Malva, created by Rostec specialists, has successfully passed state tests and is already preparing for deliveries to the troops,” Bekhan Ozdoev, Industrial Director of the Arms, Ammunition and Special Chemicals Cluster of Rostec, had said earlier.

"Malva" is able to drive on public roads without refueling 1,000 km, thanks to all-wheel drive and a powerful diesel engine, it overcomes off-road well. And besides, it is placed in the Il-76 transport aircraft and can be quickly delivered over long distances.

According to Russian state media, “Malva” has improved maneuverability and lower operating costs. It takes less time than towed guns to turn into and out of position, as well as aim at the target.

A distinctive feature of the wheeled howitzer is the “simultaneous fire raid” mode, which allows the fired ammunition to reach the target at the same time.

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