Ukrainian Attack Destroys Russian S-400 in Crimea

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  • 06:53 AM, August 24, 2023
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Ukrainian Attack Destroys Russian S-400 in Crimea
S-400 missile system

A Russian S-400 air defense system was destroyed in an attack orchestrated by the Ukrainian armed forces in Crimea on Wednesday.

The explosion occurred near the village of Olenivka on Cape Tarkhankut in Crimea. The air defense system’s launchers and missiles were completely destroyed.

Russian S-400 operators were killed, Ukraine’s military claimed in a statement.

Ukrainian Attack Destroys Russian S-400 in Crimea
Crimea map

The Main Department of Intelligence (GUR of Ukraine) in cooperation with the Navy conducted a special operation, the goal was achieved, there were no casualties among the personnel. The special operation continues, we do not reveal all the details, there are losses among the enemy's personnel, as well as among the forces and means, Ukrainian media reported quoting official sources. GUR clarified that the Ukrainian landing party landed on Cape Tarkhankut - the western coast of Crimea. 

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