Russian SJ-100 Aircraft with All Indigenous Parts Passes Nose Landing Gear Test

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  • 04:17 AM, August 28, 2023
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Russian SJ-100 Aircraft with All Indigenous Parts Passes Nose Landing Gear Test
SJ-100 short-haul narrow-body aircraft @Rostec

A prototype of the Russian short-haul airliner SJ-100 fitted with only country-made parts has finished test runs with the front landing gear off the runway.

The next stage of factory testing will be the first flight of the aircraft.

The front strut liftoff run is one of the key moments in preparation for flight testing. It allows the crew to simultaneously work out the take-off procedure and the process of its emergency and safe abort. 

Previously, the SJ-100 successfully completed a shimmy test, a phenomenon that occurs when lateral forces from the ground act on a rolling wheel tire. An increase in the amplitude of such oscillations can lead to a loss of control due to increased yaw or even to the destruction of the rack. Aircraft undercarriages are equipped with special dampers to combat this hazard, and field tests are conducted to ensure that the strut can cope with the resulting shimmy effect. 

SJ-100 is a short-haul narrow-body aircraft, which is being created under the program of import substitution of systems and components. The liner will become another model in the family of currently operated Superjet aircraft.

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